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Welcome to the Minnesota Hospital Quality Report, a joint project of the Minnesota Hospital Association and Stratis Health, Minnesota’s quality improvement organization. The Minnesota Hospital Quality Report is a voluntary effort by Minnesota hospitals to help consumers become more empowered in their decision-making regarding their personal health. It provides consumers with information on quality of care and patients’ experiences to help make more informed decisions about future hospital care. The site includes:

How hospitals perform on quality

This site gives you a snapshot of hospitals’ performance in five key areas: heart attack, heart failure, pneumonia, infection prevention and surgical care. Performance is displayed through “quality of care” measures. These measures describe how often certain practices of care have been followed.

How patients rate their care

Consumers are able to review comparable ratings on patients’ hospital experiences. A national survey, completed by patients, measures the frequency of important aspects of care, such as communication with nurses and doctors as well as pain management.

Using quality information

A hospital’s quality is more than just the sum of these particular measures. Hospitals provide care for many other illnesses and conditions not addressed on this website. The information provided can help you start a conversation with your health care providers about getting the care you, your family or friends need. Click here for information about other sources of information about hospital quality, and how you can put it to use.

Nurse and hospital staffing

Passed in 2013, the Nurse Staffing Plan Disclosure Act created greater transparency and reporting of nurse staffing levels in Minnesota hospitals.

Each year, Minnesota hospitals are required to prepare an annual nurse staffing plan and post the plans on the Minnesota Hospital Quality Report website. Hospitals are required to, on a quarterly basis, report how their actual nurse staffing levels and patient census compared to their nurse staffing plans. This information will be posted beginning July 1, 2014, and quarterly thereafter.